Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hey everyone ^_^V..

Good morning you all..^_^V 

First of all, thank for visiting my site.. This day is a first day for me.. Actually, I create this blog because I want to improve my language. Firstly, I want to introduce my self. My name is [dot!! dot!! dot!!], just call me Tutu.. Why Tutu? Because this time I had a big problem and it make me feel very bad and my mood is going down.. Down and down..

I'm a student and twenty two years old already. I was born at 9th January 1989. I have six siblings. I'm the eldest. If you guys found any mistake with my vocabulary, with my grammar please teach me. I want learn. 

Lastly, BE MY TEACHER PLEASE.. I'm really appreciate.. 


cik_hani said...

salam tutu..english is easy..u have to know the basic..wink3 ^^

Princess Tutu said...

Hope so...I trust you Hani..Hu3..