Wednesday, April 13, 2011


          Nowadays, Nutritions Imbalance always happen in community. Rightnow, people doest’n practice eat a good nutrition. They are busy with their job and don’t have time to choose a good food for their body. When people do not eat a good food, maybe in the future they will be sick because their body don’t have protection to depent any illness thing to their body. There have three ways to solve Nutrition Imbalance like follow a food pyramid, improve nutrition and use the supplement for diet with food.
          Firstly, we must follow a food pyramid. Everyday, people must eat the good food to make a good healty body. When we eat a good food we can increase a body protection for example, we can eat rice, bread to give energy to our body.

          Secondly, to improve nutrition is to add freshly made juice to the diet. Besides that, juice extractors is a good for our body because it have a good vitamin and less sugar. For example, we make the own juice with carrot, apple, watermelon and others.

          Thirdly, we can use the supplement for diet with food. We can get a supplement in pharmacy. Nowadays, many brand of supplement is selling. So, customer can buy this product but we must get advice from doctor because some supplement is not suitable for our body. For example, in pharmacy they sell the supplement like Appeton, Z-tone and others.

          According a suggestion, there have a lot of benefit when people choose to eat a healty nutrition. Everybody can use all of suggestion and apply to their life if they have an awareness about health. On the other hand, people also can do an exercise everyday or three time in a week. They can’t tahe the food that high calories. It is because it can give a lot of problems to their life in future. When people eat a healty food it can reduce risk of illness in future. 

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today is Wednesday ^_^V

Assalamualaikum and hye everyone! -_-". Today I already write a second journal about my life. Hope you guys read this entry.. If you all found any mistake, please drop your comment.. Thank you ^_^V..

Today at 9.30am I was attend '3P' class. I was arrived at the '3P' class at 9.20am. Today I'm wearing 'baju kurung' at the same time before and today I was wearing green colour of 'baju kurung'..This 'baju kurung' was a special cloth because my lavelu mother was make it 3 years ago..

In my class, my lecturer 'Mr XXX' look like had little bit angry with sound system in lecturer hall. It is the same problem that always happen when he want to start his lecture. I think my lecturer stress with this situation because it make his lecture start late.

For this time, he said everybody must stand-up and explain about current issue in goverment agencies. I feel so nervous. My hand so cold. It started withperson who sit at the first line in my class. I know that person. We are in the same group for Small Group Diccusion (SDG). His name is XXX. At the same time, we had a sport-check. Who wear jeans and mini dress, they will get sue. They must pay RM50. But in my class, nobody get sue. The guys said student in my class very good. (^_^)V.. They said, what ever we want to go in the XXXXX, student must wear layout. It very important to people identify student.

My second class today is Territory Development. My lecturer give a group test. One group must have two person only. The title is Which Strategy That Goverment Agency Can Do to Solve The Problems. This class end at 12.30pm. After the class end of this clas, I was running quickly to go to bus stop because I think I forgot to swich-off the iron plug in my room. I'm truly forgot it. Went I arrived in my room, I already swich-off the plug before I go to the class this morning. I'm so careless........

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hey everyone ^_^V..

Good morning you all..^_^V 

First of all, thank for visiting my site.. This day is a first day for me.. Actually, I create this blog because I want to improve my language. Firstly, I want to introduce my self. My name is [dot!! dot!! dot!!], just call me Tutu.. Why Tutu? Because this time I had a big problem and it make me feel very bad and my mood is going down.. Down and down..

I'm a student and twenty two years old already. I was born at 9th January 1989. I have six siblings. I'm the eldest. If you guys found any mistake with my vocabulary, with my grammar please teach me. I want learn. 

Lastly, BE MY TEACHER PLEASE.. I'm really appreciate..